GATE Exam Over Now – Predict your Rank using GATE Rank Predictor

This year, GATE was conducted 2 times one on 2nd and 3rd February 2019 for streams like Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, IT etc. and the second time it was conducted on 9th and 10th February 2019 for streams like Civil Engineering, Electronics, and Communication Engineering etc.

Once the candidates are done with the GATE exam, the struggle for the assimilation of your marks and rank starts. The response sheets are made available after the exams for all the branches were over.The candidates can access their performance according to it and can predict their rank using GATE Rank Predictor for 2019 exam.

However, they do not get any idea of their All India Rank due to which they cannot paint a clear picture in their mind. The students have to wait until the final GATE result is out and then decide how their future will turn out to be.

Predict your GATE Score


The Rank Predictor has proven to be a boon for the GATE aspirants. Now the long and eager wait of students for results of GATE 2019 exam is over. Students can know their rank before the announcement of the result. The Rank predictor provides you with a one-stop solution for all the post-GATE analysis that a student needs. Also, the best part is that your rank and scores keep on updating automatically as the number of students using it keeps changing. The GATE Rank Predictor gives you a real-time analysis of your All India Rank and your GATE score.

The process to know your GATE rank and score is pretty easy and simple. The student is assimilated according to the session in which the candidate has appeared for and as per the normalized score which is provided after comparing the performance of a candidate from different multiple sessions.

Details for the GATE Rank Predictor

Basic-detailsFor the GATE Rank Predictor you will have to provide your personal and academic details like:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Your email ID
  • Preferred Branch
  • State
  • Category (AI/HS-General/OBC/SC/ST) State
  • GATE 2019 Registration Number
  • Course Applied
  • Preferred Location
  • Total Score (Out of 100)
  • Sectional Score

Steps to Use the GATE Rank Predictor

In order to know your rank and score you must follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on the link of GATE Rank Predictor.
  • Log-in by using your Google account.
  • Enter the details like category, date of GATE 2019 exam, exam slot, GATE paper etc.
  • Select the difficulty level of the entrance exam from the three given options.
  • After selecting and entering all the details. Click on the ‘Predict Now’ tab.
  • Your expected result will be displayed on the screen.


Features of the GATE Rank Predictor Tool

There are certain features of this tool which makes it easy and best to use. Also, it provides a lot of features by which the students can know their rank and score without any difficulty.  Its features are discussed below:

Provides Real-Time Assessment: This is the best thing about the GATE Rank Predictor tool. It helps the students to know their real-time score and rank. It compares you with the all India students who appeared for the exam. It gives you an updated result. This gives the students an edge to prepare for their future and plan accordingly.

Can be used for All Streams: The Rank Predictor can be used by the students of all streams to know their result as soon as the response sheets are out for their stream. It includes all the streams like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering and a lot more.

Normalization of the Result: It provides an authentic and accurate normalization for getting an overall rank prediction of the student. It compares the performance of the aspirant in multiple sessions.

User-Friendly Interface: The GATE Rank Predictor Tool is a simple two-step procedure which will generate a detailed analysis of a student’s performance. It is a short and quick method to analyze the performance in real-time.

Session-Wise and Overall Analysis: The detailed analysis by the tool will include your predicted All India Rank for the session for which you appeared and also for your overall rank after normalizing the scores of both the sessions. The entire result will be provided in real time.

Thus, candidates can use GATE rank predictor to get the ranks before the actual results are out. This will definitely help them to plan their future actions.

Preparing for JEE Main 2019? Know the top mock test sites for CB exam

JEE Main 2019 is scheduled to be held from January 6 onwards. Till 2018, the examination was conducted by CBSE. From 2019, National Testing Agency will be conducting the examination, which is the gateway to B.Tech/B.E/B.Arch programs offered by the NITs, IIITs and other engineering colleges in the country. If you are aspiring to crack the JEE Main examination, you should speed up your preparations as the JEE Main Admit Card will be released on December 17 and there are only a few months left until the final test.

Why mock tests are important for JEE Main preparation?

JEE Main 2019 will be a Computer-Based test having multiple choice questions. So, candidates have to be used to the examination pattern very well.

According to various successful candidates and toppers in the previous years, the key to crack JEE is rigorous practice, clear concepts and plenty of mock tests. The tests can improve your time management skills, speed and accuracy. They can help you revise the entire syllabus multiple times. You gain more confidence when you solve different types of problems and avoid silly mistakes. Mock tests can help you to evaluate your preparation, brush up your stronger areas and work on your weak areas.

Various online sites offers study materials and series of mock tests for JEE aspirants. Some of them are offered free of cost. You can schedule the tests according to your choice and convenience.

Top sites offering JEE Main mock tests online

Here we have listed some of the top mock test sites for the JEE Main CB exam.

Think Merit – It offers free mock tests for both JEE Main and JEE advanced. It also offers free online preparation materials for the examinations. You can review your score in details and learn the correct solutions for the questions you answered wrong or skipped.

Toppr – It lets you take all India mock tests for JEE Main preparation along with detailed solutions. It is one of the most popular sites for JEE Main preparation.

Allen’s online test – It is the free mock test site of Allen Career Institute, Kota. The renowned JEE coaching institute which offers all India mock tests for students free of cost. You can find the solutions of the papers and compare ranks with other candidates.

Embibe – It offers free mock tests with the solutions for JEE Main 2019 aspirants. You can attempt the tests free of cost. There are also chapter wise practice tests apart from full-length tests.

Bansal – It offers 22 mock tests for JEE Main and Advanced 2019, along with the solution for Rs.3900. You can buy the series to improve your speed and accuracy.

Simply Learnt – The app offers free practice tests and JEE Main 2019 mock tests. You can also buy the test series and study materials. All the tests come with detailed solutions.

Career Orbits – It offers 25 mock tests for JEE Main aspirants for Rs.8000 and PCM practice tests or question banks for Rs.7200. All the tests have detailed solutions.

Avanti – The app offers JEE Main 2019 online test series with details solution and accurate rank prediction. You can buy 16 tests for Rs.3500.

Grade Up – Grade up offers 9 paid tests and 1 free test for JEE Main 2019 aspirants. The package can be bought for Rs.995.

Prepdoor – It offers both free and paid mock tests for JEE Main 2019, along with the solutions.

myPat  The app offers 17 paid mock tests for JEE Main 2019, for Rs.1999. You can buy 17 mock tests and more than 600 subject wise concept tests for Rs.5999.

Fundamenthol – The app offers JEE Main study materials and test series. You can compete with other aspirants and earn points and gift cards.

These were some of the top sites for JEE Main 2019 mock tests. You can find many others online, but these sites are favoured by the students due to the standard of questions and the detailed solutions. You can evaluate your level of preparation and work on the areas that need more attention. So go for these mock test series and improve your score.

GATE 2018: IIT Guwahati releases Live Mock Tests

IIT Guwahati, the conducting authority of GATE 2018 released the live mock test on
November 23, 2017. The online mock test for all the 23 disciplines is available on official
GATE website and attempting the same will give aspirants a better understanding of
their preparation according to difficulty level of the exam.

There are a huge number of online coaching and tutorial websites that provide their own
mock test series. However, most of them are just based on previous year sample
papers without any changes in the syllabus or exam patterns. Therefore, it gives even
more importance to the official mock tests released by the official source.

What are the Quirks of GATE 2018 Live Mock Test?

The live mock test gives a fair idea about pattern for GATE which comprises 65 questions of 100 marks. There are 10 questions from General Aptitude and the remaining 55 from the respective Engineering Discipline. The mock test, just as the engineering exam, comprises both Numerical Answer Type (NAT) and Multiple-Choice Questions(MCQ). MCQ’s carries either 1 or 2 marks for each correct answer and for every wrong attempt 1/3 mark or 2/3 mark is deducted respectively.

However, there will be no negative marking for NAT. The paper is set in English medium and the time limit for attempting all the questions is 180 minutes. This year, there is a virtual calculator provided for making numerical calculations, along with the timer facility, in the interface.

The system provides a time limit of 180 minutes to answer all the questions and the timer located at the top will let you know the time left to complete the exam. The palette on the right will display the status of the questions attempted with icons of different colors and a virtual calculator will help you work on calculations easily.

Since there are no login credentials required to enter the mock test session, those fields are disabled and just clicking the login button will take you to the test. Similarly, it can be ended anytime based on the candidate’s interest, however, if you fail to complete the test within the given time frame, the system will log out automatically.

How Does It Benefit in Preparation?

As there is no limit set for number of attempts made by a candidate, aspirants can make use of it and practice effectively. It is to be noted that the questions will be asked in accordance with the latest trend and the previous year’s data, hence, the mock tests will be beneficial in knowing the pattern and the way in which the questions are framed in the actual exam. Also, the students who will be attempting online exam for the first time will get familiarity with the real exam. Additionally, it will help in managing the time with improved speed of attempting questions with accuracy, which will thus increase the confidence of attempting GATE.

How to Take the Live Mock Test?

As mentioned already, the live mock test is available on official GATE website.
Aspirants trying to attempt the test can visit the site and click on “the mock links are live
now. See this link for details” in the home page.

The link will direct you to the mock test links available for the 23 disciplines out of which,
select the subject for which you wish to give the test. It will take you to a login page:
click “Sign in”, upon reading the instructions you will be directed to the live mock test

A single person can attempt the test to practice a number of times without any limit.
Meanwhile, IIT Guwahati has requested the candidates to verify the email address and
mobile number via GOAPS portal, if not done at the time of applying. The link for the
same is available in the official website.