How To Run Windows Applications or Softwares on MAC

Again I am coming with an interesting and useful post, that is How To Run Windows Applications or Softwares on MAC. Here we will learn How To Run Windows Applications or Softwares on MAC using the 4 Cross – Platform tools. Have a look at the tools compatibility and run any  windows software on MAC.

The MAC users will be happy after hearing that they can run any windows apps such as Games, Business Applications, Browsers on MAC. They can easily find out the apps without any difficulty and run those apps on MAC by performing some simple and easy actions. MAC systems have thriving ecosystem of software but still supports windows applications. Sometimes we must have to use windows apps only because there is no alternative app in the MAC. Just go through this post and know How To Run Windows Applications or Softwares on MAC and enjoy the all windows apps on MAC.

How To Run Windows Applications or Softwares on MAC:

There are so many ways to Run Windows Applications or Softwares on MAC, Some of those working methods such as Wineskin Winery, codeweavers, Virtual Machine, Dual Boot Windows are discussed below:

1. Wineskin Winery:

Step 1: First download the Wineskin Winery tool and install it and then download the HTMLasText app which is used to convert the HTML code into plain text. 

Step 2: Install and Unzip the file and open the Wineskin app. If you are the first time installer on MAC then it don’t show installed engines and wrapper version. It seems to be empty, you need to installed these engines and proceed for further steps.

Step 3: Click on ‘+’ symbol present below the empty text box and it shows the latest version of engines select the latest version available and click on ‘Download and Install’. After installation completed click on ‘Create new Blank Wrapper’ and enter the name then click on ‘OK’.

Step 4: Now Wineskin starts to install the blank Wrapper packages and make sure that you will install all of them.

Step 5: After that click on ‘View Wrapper in Finder’ then a window will appear in that right click on the wrapper that you made and click on ‘Show Package Contents.

Step 6: Go to the C drive in that program files as C > Program Files and then create a new folder now copy the HTMLasText.exe code into that file. Then go back to the main wrapper and click on ‘show packages contents’ for the wrapper you installed and then click on Advanced settings.

Step 7: Now a window will appear in that browse for HTMLasText.exe and select it.

Step 8: Finally, click on test and run option, now windows app will work on you MAC. Just follow the above procedure and run any software on MAC.

2.Codeweaver Crossover: 

This is the another best application which will guide you about How To Run Windows Applications or Softwares on MAC. Please follow the below steps:

Step 1: First install this application and download the windows apps from this app.

Step 2: A window will open in that just type the app name you wants to install and click on Install files from the directory.

Step 3: Now select the app name from the list and  then a window will appear in that click on Continue and then click on Install. from this you can install any app from the windows store and will be able to run it on MAC.

3.Virtual Machine: 

This is the simple process in order to run the windows apps on MAC. If you don’t wants to do all the above two lengthy processes then go through this simple and easy process. One thing you need to do is creating the virtual environment inside the MAC itself. Then your system will allow some windows apps to run on it or you can run overall the windows OS also.

4.Dual Boot Widows:

This is the best process compared withe above three methods. The thing is that you need to do is you must install the Windows OS and run the both MAC and Windows side by side. Boot Camp is the application which offers running of two operating systems on the MAC device, it is very simple also. For this you just need to give windows media disk and all other things will be done through the app only.

This is the best method i referred to you guys, because i am also installed this one few months back. From this app you can easily manage and run the windows apps and MAC apps whatever the apps you want on a single system.

Here we will update the methods of How To Run Windows Applications or Softwares on MAC. If you like the post share with your friends. updates latest apps, kart deals, recharge offers, movie offers.

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