Google's AI Translation Tool have it's Own Secret Language

Yes..I am back with an amazing and interesting information. We are here to know Google’s AI Translation Tool has it’s Own Secret Language. Are you thinking any time, the computers are talking with each other? Yes it’s true computers have created their own secret language and talking with each other about us. It was was the amazing feature added by the google recently.

Google has previously taught it’s own artificial intelligence can play games, now it’s capable of creating it’s own encryption. Now Google’s AI Translation Tool has it’s Own Secret Language and it has used machine learning to create a language on it’s own.

Google’s AI Translation Tool has it’s Own Secret Language:

Are you remember, in September the Tech Giant Google introduced the Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) Tool. The tool uses deep learning to develop better translations between different languages. Initially, it supports translations between Chinese and English now the tool allowing 103 languages through out the world.

The researchers of Google AI are tested many times and they have seen it translates blindly, if it’s never studied on of the languages involved in the translation. The team said that the system was able to make reasonable translations, it had not been taught to translate. If it wants to translate between Spanish and Portuguese then it makes translation as Portuguese to English and then English to Spanish.

In the expansion process, Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) Tool uses Zero- Shot translation, which facilitates the the Google’s AI support for over 100 languages by Google Translate.

Google's AI Translation Tool has it's Own Secret Language
Fig.Illustration of Zero-Shot Translation in Google’s AI.

With this new Zero- Shot method Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) system can easily translates between two different languages without a direct connection between them. It produces reasonable translations between languages that GNMT has not linked in any way, please do remember no English words allowed.

The above process is real, then we have one doubt in our minds that is If the computer able to make new connections between concepts and words that are not linked formally. Then computer makes concept of shared meaning for those words, meaning at a deeper level than simply one phase is equivalent to another?

The interested fact in this system is the computer doesn’t use  Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) system English language as bridge to translate between Castilian and Korean. The neural network are able to make connection between concepts and words that are related by their programmers.

In other words, the computer has developed his own translation language based on the concepts and words between two languages. In the memory space of the neural network, they can check how various concepts are related to one another. The “interlingua” seems to it looks deeper level of the representation that sees similarities between a sentence or word in all other three languages. It’s very difficult to describe, because the inner network of Neural is very complex.

Google's AI Translation Tool has it's Own Secret Language
A visualization of the translation system’s memory when translating a single sentence in multiple directions.

It was something sophisticated and something could be simple but the real fact is it’s exist. The original creation of the system’s own to aid understanding of concepts and words but not to teach how.

The concept describes researchers works primarily on multi language translation by touching on the interlingua. There is no doubt Google will develop deeper questions of concepts as soon. A biggest invention in in the Artificial Intelligence will surprise the people all over the world.

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