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Snapdeal Storage & Accessories Sale. In this sale Top deals on Storage devices, Pen drives, Computer Accessories and Software’s are listed in this sale. let’s Celebrate fiesta collection on Storage & Computer Accessories.

Shop Pendrives, Memory cards, Accessories and Software’s in this store.

Let’s checkout some of the deals listed in this sale.

Snapdeal Storage & Accessories Fiesta :

Snapdeal Trending deals :

snapdeal trending deals

Snapdeal trending deals are updated frequently. as of now Samsung 32GB Class 10 Evo MicroSDHC & SanDisk 32GB USB Drive are trending deals in Sandisk Storage fiesta.

Pendrives :

snapdeal pendrives

In this Pen drives section get deals on pen drives never before. Brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Toshiba Pendrives are listed in this sale.

Get Upto 60% off on Pendrives on Sandisk fiesta sale.

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Memory cards :

sandisk memory cards

In this memory cards section from 4GB to 128GB MicroSD cards are available for sale. Brands like Samsung , Sandisk. Kingston, Strontium and other popular ones are listed in sale.

Computer Accessories :

snapdeal computer accessories

In this Computer Accessories section products like Wireless Routers, Wireless Mouse, Hard drives, Keyboard protectors, USB Fan & LED Light combo pack are listed in this sale.

Brands like Toshiba,Seagate hard drives , Digisol Mouses, Logitech and other popular ones are listed in snapdeal storage fiesta..

Software’s :

snapdeal softwares

In this Computer Software’s Security Software’s and Gaming Software are listed in this sale. For you PC Security Quick Heal, Mcafee, Kaspersky Popular companies are listed. Get Upto 90% off on Antivirus Softwares.

Enable Best security to your Computer. I Think Kaspersky is one of the best Security software I’m Using too. Go for Internet Security or total Security for 1 Year license with Flat 48% Offer.

Games like Call on Duty : Ghosts PS3, Counter strike, Fry Cry PS4 gaming software’s are listed in this sale.

Snapdeal Fiesta Sale.

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