Importance of Chemistry in our daily life

Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with the study of matter and its interaction and chemical reactions. On earth everything is made of chemicals. For example: food, you, products used in daily life like – detergents, perfumes, soap etc. Chemistry can be easy for few and confusing for a many students. So many different chemicals, chemical names, structure, molecular formula, reactions etc is difficult to remember for many and hence it’s confusing. Various online portals and eLearning apps offer online courses which help students to crack the chemistry exam. Chemistry study materials along with practice tests are easily available which help to boost the confidence level in students. Example: If a class 11 NCERT student is looking for Chemistry solutions, all he has to do is just type Class 11 Chemistry NCERT Solutions and the Chemistry solutions are right on his device screen.

Beauty and cosmetic products:

Chemicals are used in bathing soaps, perfumes for fragrance, makeup items, body lotion, moisturizers, hair gel, oil, anti ageing cream etc


Supplements, drugs and vitamins can either keep you fit, cure the disease or harm you.
Pharmaceutical products or drugs like – Tablets, syrups etc contain chemical products
which help you prevent from disease and infection or cure. Overdose or consuming
these without proper instructions can be dangerous and put your life in danger.

Cleaning and hygiene:

Chemicals are used in detergents to get rid of germs on the clothes and also give them fragrance. Alos, use of chemicals in disinfectants, hand sanitizers, cleaning agents are different. The use of chemicals in cleaning agents are based on its purposes like cleaning floor, bathroom, dishes.


Chemistry is used in cooking. How? Sodium bicarbonate or also known as baking soda is used as an ingredient in preparing baked food items such as cakes, pancakes etc.


Waste can be recycled and reused by recycling with the help of various chemical processes. One example is the recycling of plastic since it’s not biodegradable and can harm the environment. Also, for medical purpose with the use of technology and advanced chemicals it helps to identify the DNA match, DNA fingerprinting, solve crime scene and for many other purposes in forensics department.

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