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Free Duplicate File Finder:

Duplicate Files Fixer is a duplicate files and remover software on PC, Android, and Mac. Remove Duplicate files, Songs, videos, images on your storage. Recover storage with in seconds with Duplicate Files Fixer App. We all use Personal Computers, Android and iOS devices regularly. we face storage space running out, there is only solution to recover storage space in seconds. Just find duplicate/Similar files and delete it. Doing it manually is extremely painful and lengthy process, for that we had great awesome tool named Duplicate file fixer software which is freeware. Normally we store various files like video, audio, images and documents in out storage devices in terms of Gigabyte and Terabytes, Saving lot of files would eventually leads slowdowns and frequent system crashes. In order to get rid of duplicate files recover the storage space in seconds with Remove Duplicate Files Fixer tool.

I personally searched for few tools on Free Duplicate files finder tools online. I found few of them which had ugly user interface and complex too. Then I get to know about duplicate files fixer tool, then I personally used it then I decided to make review about this software. Duplicate Files Fixer tool can recover gigabytes of space, make you computer fast and well optimized folders. This tool had powerful engine to scan and remove duplicate photos, Videos, Mp3 players, and documents. It comes with drag and drop folders and start the scan and rest will take care by Duplicate Files Fixer Software. After check the list you want to remove files.  This tool enable full access to software on selection and un-selection of files, Scan history and Settings menu. Let discuss why duplicate data created and what happens if you don’t delete it (Cons).

How to Delete Duplicate Files:


Remove Duplicate files

  • Find Duplicate files.
  • Find Duplicate photos.
  • Find Duplicate songs.
  • External devices supported.
  • Create Backups before deleting.
  • Folder Exclusion supported.
  • Advanced Scanning Algorithm.

Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP 32 and 64 bit, Mac and Android devices.



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Duplicate files fixer software exclude the files you don’t want to scan. Simply Add the File or Folder to Exclude list, then software doesn’t scan for duplicate files. Also this Software supports on Windows, Mac and Android devices. Top Optimize storage space on PC Duplicate File Finder and Remover is must space optimizing tool. Duplicate File Remover software also listed as one of the best duplicate file finder App.

If you want to clean duplicate files in easy way, Duplicate files fixer tool is better tool to do job. This tool is available for Windows, Mac and Android Users.

How to Remove Duplicate files on PC, Android and iOS in Seconds:

When I Searched a tool alternative tool on google, I find Specific editions like images, Music, and documents but Duplicate Files Fixer supports all type of documents which is great thing.

Advance Search algorithm enable Quick Automatic Scanning saves both effort and time. Duplicate Files Fixer is free Software to find duplicate files. To remove duplicate files follow the steps stated below. Duplicate Files fixer provides Advanced Scan Settings and search options under settings.  One best thing is tool had Export duplicate files.

Duplicate Files Fixer for Windows:

This Duplicate Files Fixer software made to find duplicate files and remove it effortlessly. results recover lot of disk space. Simple UI enable drag/drop files and folder to continue scanning process. It supports all type of files format like Photos, videos, text and all static formats.

Duplicate Files Finder tool ensures backup option. Made a backup before deleting of duplicate files. then scan the files and delete files with simple click. If you feel some important files are deleted mistakenly then retrieve it from backup. One best thing about this Duplicate files fixer’s default settings ensures the original source copies are untouched. So always when you auto-mark and remove delete files original files left usual.

Step 1: Download & Install the Software on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Add the files and folders you want to Scan. Duplicate files fixer software will give you speed and accurate scan even If you had large volume of files.

Add files to scan

Step 3: To start the process Click Scan option. After Scanning Duplicate Files Fixer software identifies all identical files like text, videos, audio and images accurately.

Step 4: Preview the list of duplicate files on your Mac.

delete duplicate files

Step 5: Auto-mark/Select the files you like to delete.

delete duplicates

Step 6: Click Delete files option.

windows store

Duplicate Files Fixer for Mac:

Is your System filled with duplicate files, then Remove all redundant files on your Mac system. Duplicate Files Fixer software scans the multiple files copy from your Mac and results the entire report within seconds. Now you can remove duplicate files on Mac using Duplicate Files Fixer App.

Duplicate Files Fixer can find all types of formats like Videos, Audio, Photos and text files and list out all duplicate files in detailed report.

Backup option available: You don’t need to worry about retrieving the deleted files, In case you want backup all the files before you delete them.

Exclude Supported: If you don’t want to scan all folders to find duplicates then you can mark as excluded files.

Mac App Store

Step 1: Install the Software on your Mac System >Click here.

Step 2: Add the files and folders you want to Scan.

Step 3: To start the process Click Scan option.

Step 4: Preview the list of duplicate files on your Mac.

Step 5: Auto-mark/Select the files you like to delete.

Step 6: Click Delete files option.

Duplicate Files Fixer for Android:

Smartphone users worry about memory space. Duplicate files waste precious memory on Mobile – Especially when we use MicroSD Cards. I found “Insufficient storage” message when I download a new files, videos and mp3 songs. I search on play store and install apps to free-up storage but it doesn’t work right. To fix your problem systweak team developed Duplicate Files Fixer Android App for Smartphone users. This tool scans the duplicate files in your mobile and suggests you to delete the files. Also Systweak team is developing Duplicate Files Fixer App for iOS device. Enjoy more storage space by removing useless duplicates.

The Newer version comes with brand new User Interface which is easy and simple to use. Images Scan engine deliver top most accurate performance while finding the duplicate files.  Systweak Software team comes with new features for every new update. Storage space fill with lot of similar folders then one best solution is install free duplicate file remover to fix it.

Multi-lingual support: Duplicate Files Fixer App supported for 12 new languages like Spanish, Japanese, Danish, German, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Norwegian, and Hindi languages.

Duplicate Files Fixer Android app is one of the popular app in Play Store. Till now app claims 5,00,000 Installations and rated with four Star.

windows Store

Duplicate Files Fixer Android App will scan according to category wise.

Step 1: Search Duplicate Files Fixer on Google Play Store.

Install Duplicate Files Fixer

Step 2: Install the App on your Android first.

Step 3: You can select Audio, Videos, Pictures, Documents and Full Scan options. Select a Full Scan/category Scan. Advanced Scan Engine search for duplicate files and preview the files to delete.

Select a Full Scan

Step 4: preview the duplicate files on your Mobile and Enjoy the free space.

Step 5: Auto Mark/Select then similar files to delete duplicate duplicate files.

Step 6: Click on Delete Now option.

Install Duplicate Files Fixer Now, It does rest!

google play

Why Duplicate Files Fixer & Finder tool?

Drag and drop files

This tool allows drag & drop files and folders that you want to scan for duplicates. Most of us use drag and drop option for many activities. having same feature simply the interaction with software. Simple drag the folder and drop on Duplicate Files Fixer tool and scan the process. Select all files like Videos, Audio, Txt, photos and etc.

One Click Scan

After adding files and folders then click Scan option to initiate the scanning process to find duplicate files. The Advanced Search algorithm embed in software can scans & remove duplicate files with ease.

Preview Scanned Files

Preview a list of complete duplicate files find before you delete them. Duplicate file finder software lists out available duplicates to freeup storage.

Auto Mark and Delete

Duplicate files fixer tool first allows you delete duplicate files individually. This awesome duplicate files deleter app had Auto-mark option which automatically marks the duplicate files to delete.

Supports External Storage

This free duplicate file finder software supports external storage devices too. Plug the external devices and scan the process to remove duplicates files. All range of external storage devices are supported. You can attach pen drives and external hard drives to find duplicate files.

Recover Storage Space

After delete the duplicate files, you feel amaze the amount of recover space recovered. Enjoy the memory saved and download other stuff you love.

Why Duplicate Data Created?

  • Downloading same images from different sources.
  • Own edited images and documents are saved with different names.
  • Downloading same file twice and forget to delete it later.
  • When moving files from one folder to other, you may forget to delete older file.

Duplicate files not only occupy storage in memory, but it also slowdown your device performance. Duplicate data can cause lags you device performance. How to fix it? free-up the space while deleting duplicate data on Windows/Mac/ Android and iOS devices.

How duplicate files created on Android? :File Sharing through Apps are major cause of creating duplicate files. which also effect smartphone performance.

Disadvantages of full Storage:

Most problematic thing is getting warning message “your Disk is almost full” and causes slowdowns your device. In Internal system can’t generate cache and temporary files which leads slowdown and crashes. And another major factor large consumers more power consumption.

If you want to download any new file, you need to delete some old files in order to store new ones. Also your system need space for various functions to do like downloads, install updates. You should delete some duplicate files from your system to free up some space on your hard disk.

Today I share some useful information on free duplicate file finder and remover software. Duplicate Files Fixer Software available on Windows, Mac and Android Users. Install Systweak Duplicate Files Fixer and clean duplicate files with simple easy tool.



  1. Hi,

    We have “DuplicateFilesDeleter” is our system optimization and a simple, but effective tool to locate ‘Duplicate Files’ in one or more selected search paths – allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space.

    It scans the files and compares them based on Byte for Byte Comparison, which ensures 100% accuracy. You can then choose to delete the selected duplicate or original files. The program is multi-threaded and performs scans quickly.

    -Joshua Rover


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