In Our school Days or in College days we always had a friend with chubby, high eat-out friend. which always a member in our gangs with fun and good quality movements and memories.every over weight person had issue of marriage concept they don’t get matches easily the same concept Size zero movie replicates.

Size Zero Story Line-

Anushka(Name Soundarya in film) is cute girl and in childhood days her father Rao Ramesh tells to anushka that:: “Happy girls are most beautiful”.She shown over eating from any thing from ice creams,samosa to Jilebi and which always trying to take happiness from she grown up she being over weighted and soundarya (anushka) mother always only worring about finding a Groom who din’t mind about over weight size.while several marragie proposals disappointed with rejection all time and anushka decided to not to marry at the same time a friend who silm but whated to lose some more weight to participate beauty contest this the time where anushka met with arya(Abhi) and gradually anushka fall in love with Arya where Arya turns eye towards simran(sonal chauhan).
Sweety again get rejected again and decided to join a slim center name Size zero which is held by prakash raj(satyanandh).Does anushka loses her weight ? what probelms did anushka encounter during process and did she win’s in her love? these aspects Must Watch film in theaters.

Complete story Review-


The Look of Anushka as chubby is very cute in film and They way anushka acting really draw your mind into Size zero world.The story is predictable what the story journey in roads but Screenplay and actors in film make’s us to forget especially arya did his right job because film totally heroine concept and Prakash Raj & bramhanadam did there roles perfect.first half of film is good where anushka’s scenes in film is totally fun driven.
Directer prakash really did right selection of subject and his direction shades are reflected in film and he deals story well.Music did by Keeravani M.M where Background Scores enlightens film in next level and songs is not cache.

Production Values of PVP is good.Cinematography is Excellent the feel of the film is driven by the way film captures.Cinematographer Nirav Shah did 100% Job.

Reasons to watch film:

*Anushka new plus size Character.
*Uniqe Story Line.
*M.M keeravani Music.

PLus points

*Anushka Acting.
*sensitive Story impressive.
*light Comedy.
*prakash Raj Charecter,

Minus Points

*Slow Narration.
*Unwanted Scenes

Final Words:

The movie make you feel good and finally you like film when you out from theater.You can really go for movie for anushka superb performance.The theme of film is totally handled in smooth way and some comedy scenes makes audiences smile .


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