4 Physics Laws That Everyone Should Know

Physics. The term physics is derived from the Greek word ‘fusis’. Fusis means natural things or nature. Physics is a branch of science that deals with the interaction among the elemental constituents and the structure of an element or matter.In the broader sense, it is concerned with all the characteristic features of nature on both submicroscopic and macroscopic degrees.

There are hundreds of laws in the subject Physics. The physical laws are conventional conclusions which are based on the recurrent scientific experiments and scrutiny over the years. These are universally accepted within the scientific associations.

This article comprises of 5 laws of physics which helps in uplifting one’s knowledge. There are 5 important laws of physics mentioned below.

Newton’s Law (1642- 1727) This is one of the most renowned and noteworthy laws of physics – Newton’s Laws of motion. This law comprises of 3 classifications –
— Newton’s first law of motion.
— Newton’s second law of motion.
— Newton’s third law of motion

Archimedes Principle – A Greek mathematician named – Archimedes, discovered this
principle in the Third century BC. This law states that when a body is relatively or
completely immersed in a liquid, it encounters an upward propel (push) equal to the
weight of the liquid displaced by it.

Ohm’s Law – Ohm’s law affirms that the current flowing through a conductor between 2
points is straightly (directly) corresponding to the potential difference across the 2
points; provided the tangible state, temperature etc., of the conductor, remains the

Faraday’s Law – This is a fundamental law of electromagnetism foreseeing how a
magnetic field will interact with an electric circuit to produce EMF (Electromotive Force).
This Faraday’s Law is a phenomenon known as Electromagnetic Induction.

These are the 4 rudimentary physical laws that everyone should be aware of. To know more, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel

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